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Mirrorism is a puzzle platformer where you can reflect parts of the level for opening paths to the exit.

Use arrow keys for movement and Z for action.


Mirrorism.zip 2 MB


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A very interesting puzzle game. I have a few observations:

1. There is no mention anywhere that the 'R' key is reset. It would definitely be useful to add that to the intro screen.

2. In the final puzzle I don't use any of the objects to escape. I only interact with one box to get it out of the way, otherwise it's a case of walk/fall to the exit. Was that not the intended solution? Or are there multiple ways to solve some levels?

Thank you for video! Yes, i get a lot of feedback about reset button. Definetely gonna make update for fixing that and few other bugs and unintended solutions. It's not only final level that can be finished easy way, there is few others, which i just didn't test enough, because of gamejam deadline.

If you were under those kind of deadlines then you can easily be forgiven for not anticipating every combination.

nice game.

Thank you for playing and sharing video!